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29 July 2005


I arrived in latacunga yesterday to work with Becky williams, the student from buffalo doing her masters field work. things are going well, she is almost done, and is doing a good job of showing me around. I am staying with oswalso nevas, the head of civil defence, and my counterpart- today was going to me the first training session/workshop i was to attend in a barrio of latacunga, but of course while i was at the office this morning, it was cancelled. welcome to working in ecuador! I am pretty much here for good now except some small trainning sessions that i will travel to cayambe for, and for the swearing in ceremony at the end of august.


  • At 2:18 PM, Blogger J said…

    Holy moly, this is so awesome, I can't believe all the fun stuff you are up to my love!!! I can picture you hanging out and karaoking, and on a volcano because I guess those things seem so Diggs to me. I'm glad you're having tons of fun and still enjoying life. i can't wait to come visit and play hungry wolf games!!! So, sounds like you're quite busy, but now I have your address so I can send you cool ass stuff sometimes. I have some great pics that you probably need for decorating your wall/backpack/gear bag. Your host fam sounds too rad, and sounds like you totally lucked out there :) Remember that I love you and keep safe,

  • At 12:46 PM, Anonymous Adam Duranto said…

    Ellen, what a place to be stuck in for 2 years! Don't forget to climb as many volcanoes as possible while you the chance. I'm going to try to get to COV4 in January so will be visiting I hope. If you see Becky again, say hi from me - we lived in the HVO house together while we were interns. You know I haven't set foot on a volcano since last year... quite ironic considering I'm doing a volcanology degree. Have made up for it with a summer packed full of fun here though. Keep up the good work. Ad

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