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07 September 2005

Quito! Aug 28- Sept 3

The chartered bus left Cayambe at 9 am Sunday morning, with about 10 bottles of booze. Ellen’s was tequila, and nobody could believe that I would down it that way that early in the morning.. everyone else mixed their drinks, or at least had chasers. Thanks T-rex and Mexico for teaching me how it aught to be done. I’m pretty sure that when we got to Quito we went to lunch then to a bar. Roberto got so drunk that people had to drag him onto the hostal, and the lady was a total bitch about it, threatening to have Peace Corps send him home for drinking- obviously she knows a lot, and is very influential to Peace Corps. So, being a little drink myself, I sort of called her out on it, and then had to listen to her bitch about it for like an hour. Oops. So, then we went back out drinking. There’s a sports bar by the PC office, so went for beer and chicken wings.
Wednesday morning was swearing in. We all got dressed up, and felt like we were going to prom.. kind of silly.

*my best buds and I at swearing in

It was a nice ceremony, because it was short. Then there was a VAC picnic (volunteer action council, or something like that). We got to meet some other volunteers, and for some reason I got elected to VAC. It’s like PC student council, when did I ever care about student council? Oh well, it’s an excuse to go hang in Quito every once in a while, and have PC pay for it. That night we moved to the Marriot. Though it sounds excessive, and it is, PC gives us 12 bucks a night, and with 4 in a room, it’s only about another 15 per person out of pocket. And, luxurious for those of us who had been living in the campo, and will be again for the next 2 years (that’s not me). The next 3 nights were quite fun and involved booze and good food. Then we all said our goodbyes and were off to our sites on Saturday. Being as lucky as I am to have family here, I went to Pifo, and Matt and Alex came to Latacunga with me for a sleep over in my new place. We ate pizza, played monopoly and watched the Simpsons. I love my life.

*Me and Katie out on the town


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